Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend As if it was A Dream (Pt.2)

Sunday.....went to work in the noon. As usual, went in and made sure that everything was well working, and looking good before the wedding starts. Shot two weddings before the big wedding came in, the one that I was waiting for. I met the couple a few times before the wedding, spoke and explained about how I do my work, was even suppose to shoot them before at a different location days before the wedding but my schedule was too tight, (was away for two weeks =p )

I was busy cleaning the place, making sure all the candles were placed where they should be, and then guests started arriving, the couple came in and the I was sorta "giving orders" here and there to make the place better, last minute I decided to change some stuff here and there that at a point some guests asked if I was the director of the place, haha, I guess the attire I had on makes it looks like I am. On the other hand, my boss was wearing shorts and slippers, didn't know why he did that, but he did.

So the wedding started, and all went well, but I wasn't quite pleased, I tend to have high expectation, and this couple I wanted to make it extra special.
After the wedding, I didn't have the time I need and usually have to do my photoshoot, the usual weddings start late and all. After the wedding, my couple asked me to join them for the reception haha, I said I might join, so they rushed off and I clean the place a little, check my equipments if they are good for another few hours and off I went, to their reception. I got to the restaurant and fired away while I enjoyed myself! The shoot was free, but they will be paying me extra for the effort.....just went last minute without boss's knowledge =p , it's all good. Will be taking the couple out for more shoots in near future, and you shall be seeing their photos too!

Actual photo would be posted when I receive it =)

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